About Us

Maldobet; for many years, serving in Europe since 2015. The site is beginning to provide services in Turkey. Supported by an international investment company under the structure of GSR Technology N.V. company, www.maldobet.com is an organization that chooses to offer the best betting and casino service.


The sole purpose of the marketing and research and development teams established within our company is to ensure that you have a better betting pleasure in the direction of rapidly developing technology. In this context, we hope that our site will change and develop every day.


Our young and dynamic staff, trained to help you, our members, in every aspect, continues in the same way and has been increased to give you superb service for many years on www.maldobet.com


GSR Technology N.V. company establishment structure and management staff consists of an experienced staff who take all kinds of security of the site members as their sole purpose. Our company, which publishes the license seal, company name and address on the site on the first page and passes annual financial checks, is legally obliged to provide you with a fair and safe betting environment in line with the license provider to which it is affiliated.