KYC Policies, Privacy & Management of Personal Data

Know Your Customer (KYC)


By agreeing to the Terms you authorize us to undertake any verification checks we may require or that may be required by the third parties (including, regulatory bodies) to confirm your identity and contact details (the "Checks").

During this Checks we may restrict you from withdrawing funds from Your Account.

If any information that you have provided is untrue, inaccurate, misleading, does not match your ID or otherwise incomplete we reserve the right to terminate your account immediately and/or prevent you from using the services, in addition to any other action that we may choose to take.

If we are unable to confirm that you are at the Legal Age then we may suspend Your Account. If a fact that you were under the Legal age at the time you made any gambling or gaming transactions, then:

Your Account will be closed;
all transactions made during that time will become void, and all related funds deposited by you will be returned in amount;
any winnings which you have accrued during that time will be forfeited from you and you will be required to return to us all funds that were withdrawn from Your Account.

In the event of any change in your personal details You are required to inform us by contacting Support.

Objective of the Policy

The Company shall request verification of the user of its Services at the following situations:

1. Suspicion of fraud, money-laundering, criminal activity etc.;
2. Doubts about the authenticity of the provided documents;
3. Violation of conditions for using the services of the Company;
4. Any other situation the Company shall deem appropriate.

By means of that request the Company may demand a standard set of identification data and documents, as well as additional documents.
The minimum set of identification data includes:

- full name;
- date of birth;
- citizenship;
- address of permanent residence;
- an identification number;

The required documents are:

- actual passport of the client / ID card;
- document confirming the address of the client's permanent residence at the given time (utility bill, statement of the status of the bank account, etc.)

Additional documents are:

- additional national identity card (driver's license, military ID, etc.);
- photos of a user with an open passport against the background of his face (the document should be readable)
- photo of the bank card on the front side (5 first and 4 last digits, owner's name and date of expiry shall be readable).

Also the Company may ask the User to provide source of funds documentation which is important to make sure that user provides evidence that identifies the actual source(s) of funds that he uses to bet or play with.

This information may be in the form of:

- proof of earnings: Payslip/Director remuneration/Dividends/Pension;
- a bank statement/savings account that clearly shows consistent incoming values from an identifiable source;
- a Trust deed clearly showing a consistent entitlement to funds;
- dated proof of an award/payment made to the user;

The documents that the user provided shall be not approved because:
- address/Name on documents don't match with account name/address;
- illegible documents or copies;
- document Not Acceptable (for example user sends a copy of a document that is not on the accepted documents for ID verification or a copy of mail envelope instead of an actual utility bill);
- any other reasons employees or contractors of the Company shall deem appropriate.
Upon the results of the analysis of the documents provided the Company shall make a solution according to the Terms Conditions, Privacy policy, License agreement of the Website and legislation requirements.


Due diligence (DD): Company's customers should be subject to a DD process and record keeping.

Anonymous Accounts: Anonymous or nominal’ account records are not permitted. Any existing anonymous accounts or accounts believed to be nom de plume’ or that have inconsistent identification should be subject to appropriate due diligence to establish the identity and bona fides of the account holder at an early opportunity. In case it is impossible to determine identity of the account holder, the account shall be closed, winnings cancelled and deposits paid out to the the account from where they have been received or withhold in case return of the deposits turn out to be impossible or costly.

Duplicate/Multiple Accounts: Many customers wish to operate parallel accounts in order to segregate their gambling spend. Notwithstanding this activity, Company shall identify and associate linked’ accounts that may belong or be under the control of the same person. Company shall be entitled to cancel additional accounts or accounts of the player in question, cancel winnings thus gained and return deposits to the owner of the account.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP). Company have to respond to any attempt to gamble by any person qualifying as Politically Exposed Person, i.e. any person holding significant public office (or who has held it at any time in the preceding year), having access to public funds or in a position of influence. PEPs include the readily identifiable family and associates of such persons. A risk based approach should be applied based on the value and scale of gambling and the location of such customer. The questionnaires shall include questions identifying PEPs.

The Company reserves the exclusive right to unilaterally decline any clients' application and/or terminate further provision of services without any statements or explanations to the client in case of breach of KYC policy.

Purposes of the Data Processing:

Company collects and processes your personal data since account opening in order to:

Comply with relevant gambling and anti-money laundering regulations;

Process your bets and transactions;

Analyze user trends and improve the services Company provide;

Monitor the registration of multiple accounts;

Ensure the security of our website;

Better market relevant content generally, using anonymous or pseudonymized personal data.

Information Collected

The information and data about you which we may collect, use and process includes the following:

Information that you provide to us by filling in forms on the Website or any other information you submit to us via the Website or email;

Records of correspondence, whether via the Website, email or other means;

Details of the transactions you carry out with, via the Website or other means;

Details of your visits to the Website including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs and other communication data.

Where it is reasonable for us to do so and not detrimental to your rights, we also collect Personal Data from publicly available sources such as internet searches, broadcast media.

If you choose not to provide your Personal Data it may prevent Company from meeting legal obligations, fulfilling a contract, or performing services required to run your account. Not providing your Personal Data may mean Company is unable to provide you with products or services.

Whenever your data is kept by we will ensure that it is appropriately protected and only used for acceptable purposes and will keep your data for the period that you are a customer of

If you are no longer a customer of, we will keep your data for the minimum length of time required to comply with the purposes set out in this policy and relevant legal or regulatory obligations.

Protecting Your Personal Data

We can only process your Personal Data when there is a genuine reason to do so and it must be one of the following:

To fulfil any contract that we have with you;

We have a legal obligation;

Where you have consented to the processing;

When it is in Company’s legitimate, public or vital interest;

When we have a business or commercial reason to process your Personal Data this is referred to as a legitimate interest. Your Personal Data is still protected and we must not process it in a way that would be unfair to you or your interests.

If we do use legitimate interests as a reason to process your Personal Data we will tell you that we are doing so, what our legitimate interests are and provide you with a method to raise any questions or objections you may have. However, compelling grounds for processing such information may over-ride your right to object.

Cookies and Tracking Pixels on Visit

When you visit the website, our system automatically collects information about your visit, such as your browser, IP address, and the referring website.

This collection may be done in conjunction with our platform providers and partners. We may receive from them general demographic or usage data of our site visitors. We do not use automatically collected information to identify you personally without collecting additional consent.

This information is collected using cookies, embedded hyperlinks, and similar tools. The latest browsers can be set to disable or delete cookies.

Data recipients

Company does not sell or rent personal information to third parties. We do not share your personal information, except as provided in this privacy notice. These employees of will have access to personal data:

Key official;

Money laundering officer;

Data protection officer;

Director of operations;

Customer support agents;

Risk and fraud analysts;

Customer retention team members, or VIP player managers. employees who have access to, or are associated with the processing of the player’s personal information, have signed confidentiality agreements to respect the confidential nature of the player’s information pursuant to applicable gaming, data protection and privacy laws.


Disclosure to Third Parties

We may disclose your personal information if required by law, regulation, or other legal requirement:

Law enforcement agencies, regulators and other authorities;

Credit reference agencies;

Fraud prevention agencies;

Identity verification agencies;

Sports governing bodies;

Organisations that introduce you to us;

Third parties you ask us (or permit us) to share your data with;

Third parties necessary to provide products or services which you have requested;

International Transfers

Wherever possible, keeps your information within the European Economic Area (EEA). However, in some circumstances your information may have to leave the EEA, such as when we work with third parties. Company always makes sure that any transfers outside of Europe are carried out in line with the law, have appropriate legal protection and are carried out securely.

Small number of people that work for team might be located outside of the EEA. We require them to work in line with all of our internal policies and procedures, and they also have the EU Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses added to their employment contracts to ensure that your information is protected and safe at all times and that the transfer of the information is lawful.

Your rights over your Personal Data

You have a number of rights that you can exercise when it comes to your information. These rights include:

Having access to the information that we hold about you;

Being able to rectify information we have about you that is incorrect;

In some circumstances, have the use of your information restricted or “paused”;

Have your information provided to you in a digital format and where possible transferred to another organization.


Changes to Privacy Policy

We will review and update this privacy policy anytime there is a significant change to how we are using personal information and at least annually.

We will contact you to notify of any significant changes if we think this is necessary.